The sustainable choice:
Caja Pescado.

Convenient, sustainable and functional: that is what our innovative fish crates are. From catch to retail sale, they guarantee absolute freshness of the goods throughout. IFCO’s Caja Pescado is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. Benefit from well thought-out features such as easy stacking, compatibility with all types of automated processing systems and our SmartCycleTM system.

The advantages

  • Sustainable – Reusable over many years, Recycable
  • Stackable
    • Designed to withstand conditions onboard storage
    • Interlocking features stop top tray from sliding when stacked
  • Cost-efficient – Nests for efficient storage and transport
  • Hygenic
    • Smooth surfaces inside and out
    • Convex base and drainage system channel liquids away perfectly
    • Cleaned in every cycle
  • Pooling-Service – Pooled and serviced through IFCO’s network of service centres
  • Perfect for Automation
    • Compatible with all standard pallets
    • Suitable for all types of automated systems

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The IFCO SmartCycleTM –
A system that works perfectly!

From catch to transport to sale and back to the catch.
With IFCO’s Caja Pescado not only the catch of fish is sustainable, but also its transport to the point of sale.

Let us show you how.

The IFCO SmartCycle™ is a well-established example of a circular economy model that is applied to create a more sustainable supply chain and to maximize its efficiency: products are kept at their highest utility and value at all times. Our Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) are shared amongst many parties to maximize use and IFCO manages their pooling process. We were the pioneers to develop an outsourced RPC pooling system for fresh products back in 1992, and we have been constantly developing this business ever since.

Reduce environmental impact by using IFCO RPCs

Our products use fewer natural resources than disposable alternatives throughout their lifecycle, from the energy and materials used in their manufacture through cleaning and repair to recycling. And because they perform better in transit – stacking securely and maintaining their structural rigidity – they offer indirect environmental benefits, too.

The SmartCycleTM System helps in making fish trade an efficient and sustainable experience.

Lucía Aragones, Country Manager IFCO Spain

IFCO – A reliable Partner

As the world’s leading supplier of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), only IFCO can support your business wherever you and your suppliers are – and wherever the future may take you. Our services cover every aspect of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) management, from delivering clean containers to producers, to collecting them from retailers, to cleaning and sanitizing them again, ready for redistribution. With a network of local offices and over 1,100 employees worldwide, at IFCO we are there for your business. When and wherever you need us!

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